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Most of the important functions in your cells are carried out by proteins. These proteins can also cause diseases when they do not work properly. Most medicines work by changing how proteins behave.

Proteins are very large molecules composed of thousands of atoms. Our lab seeks to understand the structure and function of proteins at the atomic level using cutting edge technologies such as x-ray crystallography and computational analysis. We work with leading scientists all over the world. Our researchers have access to some of the most advanced technologies in the world, such as the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, where we perform some of our x-ray experiments. Our long term goal is to develop an atomic understanding of how cells work, as imagined in this molecular movie.

We also actively apply our research to the development of new drugs for treating cancer and immune disorders. Our current projects are most relevant to breast, lung, and blood cancers. Knowing the atomic structure of proteins can help develop more potent drugs with potentially fewer side effects.

Our research team is a diverse and talented group of students and scientists. We are always interested in finding creative and dedicated people to join our team. Graduates from our lab have gone on to attend top graduate programs, medical school, pharmacy school, nursing school, work at top biotech companies, and even become professional athletes! We also welcome inquiries and visits from students, teachers, and the general public to learn more about our work and to visit a university research lab.

Our team is funded by government grants, Kansas State University, and grants from leading charities. Please contact Dr. Ng if you are interested in partnering with us in our mission to advance cancer and immunology research and train future generations in science and medicine.